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Hanzo the Razor ( DVD-Box 3 filmer)


En DVD-box med tre japanska Hanzo the Razor spelfilmer: Sword of Justice (1972), The Snare (1973) & Who’s got the gold (1974) …

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En DVD-box med tre japanska Hanzo the Razor spelfilmer: Sword of Justice (1972), The Snare (1973) & Who’s got the gold (1974).

“Love samurai films? Wish they were … the dirtier? Welcome to Hanzo the Razor’s deranged world of crazy swordplay and sexploitation set to a 1970s funk soundtrack. Uncut for the first time ever in the UK, this cult 1970s Japanese pinku trilogy was seemingly influenced by Dirty Harry and Shaft, but there’s no doubt who has the ‘ longer arm of the law ‘!

Shintaro Katsu (best known as the blind swordsman in the original Zatoichi) stars as Hanzo-a rebellious yet obsessively moral samurai police officer who slashes his way through the backbone of crime, uncovers corruption at higher levels, and tortures relentlessly using his own unique techniques. Shocking audiences even today, the hardest man in Edo regularly unleashes his special weapon in the form of his oversized penis, which he uses to ‘ interrogate ‘ female suspects into pleasured compliance. Despite the knuckle-biting, graphic violence there is an underlying social commentary, testifying to the noble honour of the samurai and emphasising Hanzo’s status as the people’s champion.

The Sword of Justice, Hanzo overturns his own gutless superiors; in The Snare, he breaks into a temple used by local magistrates for the sadistic torture of young girls. In Who’s Got the Gold?, the shogunate of the treasury is being looted by its own officials.”

Region: 2(Europa – engelsk import)

Audio: Japanska – Dolby Digital 2.0

Text: endast engelska

Längd: ca 90 min (Justice), ca 89 min (Snare), ca 84 min (Gold)

Format: Widescreen 2.35: 1 Anamorphic


  • 52 page booklet featuring Essays by Tom Mes
  • Theatrical Trailers

Rekommenderad ålder:; +18 år



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