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Två klassiska animefilmer i ett paket.

Ghost In The Shell.

Ghost In The Shell: Innocence.

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Ghost In The Shell:
The year is 2029, the world is made borderless by the net; augmented humans who live in virtual environments. Watched over by law enforcement agents that are able to download themselves into super-powered, crime busting mecha. The ultimate secret agent of the future is not human, has no physical body and can travel freely through the information highways of the world. Hacking and manipulating whatever, whomever and whenever required…

Ghost In The Shell: Innocence:
When machines learn to feel, who decides what is human? It is the year 2032 and Earth is a world where the few remaining humans coexist with artificial replicants, cyborgs and robots. Batou, a cyborg detective and his partner, Togusa are charged with investigating the bizarre case of a malfunctioning female sex droid that has murdered its owner. As they delve deeper into the investigation they are forced to confront violent Yakuza thugs, devious hackers, influential government bureaucrats and powerful corporate criminals. Painstakingly created by Production IG and director, Mamoru Oshii (G.I.T.S, Avalon, Patlabor) Innocence seamlessly combines groundbreaking 2-D and 3-D CG animation techniques to produce an action-packed, sci-fi fable of a solitary cyborg struggling to retain what’s left of his humanity in a world where the human soul is gradually fading into obscurity.

Blu-ray region:  Europa – engelsk import

Språk: japanska (2.0), engelska (5.1/2.0)

Text: endast engelska

Format: 16:9 anamorphic

Längd (total tid): ca 179 min

Rekommenderad ålder: +15 år

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