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The movie Kitaro & Kitaro and the millennium curse (DVD – 2 filmer)


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Innehåller två spelfilmer  om den japanska yokaien Kitaro skapad av mangatecknaren Shigeru Mizuki.

“Based on the best-selling manga and anime series, Gegege no Kitaro by Shigeru Mizuki.

The Movie Kitaro

In modern-day Japan, the worlds of humans and the yokai often collide, and usually not in the most pleasant of manners. Half-human and half-yokai, one-eyed Kitaro lives with his eyeball father and his bickering friends, Nezumi-otoko (Rat-man) and Neko-musume (Cat-girl), in Gegege Forest where he dedicates his time to maintaining peace between humans and yokai.

But when a magicalö ball of power ends up in the wrong hands, Kitaro must rewcover it or both worlds could fall into grave danger.


Kitaro and the millennium curse

Kitaro is called upon by his human friend Kaede Hiramoto to help investigate a series of mysterious disappearances that have occurred in the human world. They soon discover that the mystery has something to do with a forbidden love affair that happened more than one thousand years ago and the evil yokai who is responsible for imprisoning the doomed lovers. Kitaro and his companions must seek out 5 musical treasures to put an end to this millennium curse once and for all.”


Region: 2(Europa – engelsk import)

Audio: Japanska – Stereo 2.0

Text: endast engelska

Längd: ca 219 min + ca 60 min (extramaterial)

Format: 16:9 anamorfisk

Bonusmaterial: Youtube featurette, Original japanese trailers, production notes written by Jonathan Clemens

Rekommenderad ålder:; +12 år


Här hittar ni en konstbok med Shigeru Mizukis monstermålningar: Shigeru Mizuki



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