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“Sword-wielding, head-lopping martial arts mayhem and reanimated rotting corpses combine to hilarious effect in this super-gory and titally over-the-top horror-comedy from the creator of the cult hit, Versus.

A peaceful vacation goes horribly wrong when an unfortunate road accident leads to a family being car-jacked and taken hostage by a pair of ruthless bank robbers on the run. But gun-wielding, murderous thieves soon prove to be the least of the young family’s problems…

Finding themselves stranded in remote woods near the abandoned site of Eight Spears Village, this small group is about to fall prey to undead warriors with a penchant for serving heads and an age-old grudge to settle.”


Region: 2(Europa – engelsk import)

Audio: Japanska – Dolby Digital 2.0

Text: endast engelska

Längd: 92 min

Format: 16:9 anamorfisk widescreen

Rekkomenderad ålder:; +15 år



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