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Adrift in Tokyo (DVD)


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“Offbeat Japanese comedy following the unusual bond that develops between a demotivated student and a debt collector for the loan shark he owes money to. Takemura (Jô Odagiri) is a student with few friends, no family and almost as a little ambition. His inherent laziness has seen him borrow money he is unable to earn back and brings him into contact with Fukuhara (Tomokazu Miura), an enforcer for a local loan shark. After initially roughing Takemura up in fairly traditional style, Fukuhara plays much less to type on his second visit to see the student – announcing that if Takemura merely accompanies him on a walk across the city the best part of his debt will be written off. Little does Takemura anticipate what this journey will entail; the pair meet a variety of the city’s eccentric characters before Fukuhara reveals their ultimate destination: the police station where he will turn himself in for murdering his own wife.”

(Tenten – 2007, Regi: Satoshi Miki)

Region: 2(Europa – engelsk import)

Audio: Japanska – 5.1 Surround sound

Text: endast engelska

Längd: ca 101 min

Format: anamorfisk widescreen


  • 70 minute featurette “Making of”
  • Theatrical Trailer

Rekommenderad ålder:; +12 år



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